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Seattle Start-up Can Save Your Digital Life

Tell me what happens if your laptop is lost, stolen or accidentally falls in your pool?
Do you drink coffee while working on your laptop? How easily could you retrieve all the precious megabytes of data housed in its memory banks?
These are the questions that drove Seattle software developer Kory Gill to leave an almost 20-year career at Microsoft and start his own online data-storage company. For years, Gill has sought a Web-based storage solution that would safeguard his priceless family photos, home movies and other important digital data, but never found a single solution that addressed all his specific needs.
“If these are irreplaceable files, you need to have the same type of insurance for your data as you would of any other asset, like your home or car,” said Gill, who often shared his frustrations with friend and fellow Microsoft programmer Marius Nita.
Last June they founded Newline Software, with the goal of giving their customers a more flexible, cost-efficient and “green” alternative to what is currently offered by the major players like Microsoft, Google and Amazon.
There were some early stumbling blocks. Gill conceded his original pricing model, which was based on purchasing bandwidth from Amazon, was off to the point that it nearly torpedoed the whole project. But they went back to their whiteboard and crunched the numbers again and came out with a more workable model that also improved the user experience.
“It turns out that we will have a product that will actually be cheaper than some of the competition and we weren’t designing it to compete on price,” said Gill. Power is the biggest cost driver for data storage companies, so Gill and Nita designed software that tracks how often people access each individual file, or bit of data, and stores their seldom-used documents in a way that requires less power to maintain, which translates to reduced pricing for the customer.
If you are intrigued by their solution to this eventuality we should all consider more proactively, click here now!

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