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Question Everything!


Search the Web on the subject of eCommerce and site developement. You might think everything has been tried, everything has been done, and there is an opinion on everything. Basically this is pretty much true. The amazing part is that there is always an innovation, always a new twist on an old strategy that might make even a marginal idea in someone else’s experience turn you into the next traffic whiz or King of Conversions. There is so much to read it becomes merely a factor of time - how much time can you devote to reading? The innovative ideas come to you while you are reading, or when you are thinking about an interesting idea or strategy after reading an article or blog that stimulated your creative energy.

Often success is based on how we think about our business in relative terms. Ebiztutors.com had the opportunity to interview Rick Schwartz, co-creator of the growing TRAFFIC events, and he had some interesting comments on the subject of choosing a domain name for your business, and on how you might justify spending a lot more for your URL than maybe you were considering.

eBiztutors.com - What advice would you give to someone who was just beginning to learn about building a business on the Internet?

Rick Schwartz - It is easier than you think and it is harder than you think. It all comes down to one word…..TRAFFIC. A website without traffic is really nothing at all. The traffic is what makes or breaks a website. That and what you can offer the surfer. Everyone spends all their time building something, and then when you ask them how they are going to get traffic they just dismiss that as if it will take care of itself. That to me is the sign of a true rookie. Traffic does not just take care of itself. You need a BASE of traffic to be successful, and if you can have a domain provide that targeted traffic you increase your chances of success on the ‘Net exponentially. Most folks just grab any domain they think of. They don’t spend the time required finding the RIGHT domain. So if they are going to fail, this is the first point which has a huge impact on their future. Like I always say, “If you are in New York and you want to sail to London and you end up in Africa, the mistake did not happen when you landed in Africa. The mistake is when you set your course from New York.” If folks don’t understand that statement…what more can I say? On the Internet the domain name you pick may be the single most important decision you ever make. Don’t be scared to spend a few grand buying a great domain. Don’t be foolish and don’t be cheap. Take the $$$ you would spend on opening a real world business and buy a great domain. In the real world you will have first, last and one month security just for rent. That will be $5000 to $100,000 or more right there. You have insurance, electric, garbage pick-up, security, etc. etc. etc. Add up ALL those costs and roll that figure into securing a domain name with the targeted traffic you are looking for built right in. THAT would be the #1 piece of advice I would offer. Most would be too cheap to follow it and that may be the reason that most will fail.

It is all in your frame of reference and how you view these important business decisions. Once again, the key is in reading everything you can get your eyes on and then drawing your own conclusions. You know I always get around to relating everything to our Giant Schnauzers, but they’ve taught me so many important things. One is to set no limitations on what you can do and don’t take for gospel everything you read or hear. Experiment. Take everything and apply it to your own personal situation, then implement or discard.

Wait Tomorrow Giant Schnauzer

For instance, I’ve read numerous times that dogs cannot think in the abstract and cannot for instance fathom the concept of time. I’m here to tell you that is not 100% correct. Giant Schnauzers can…ours anyway. They comprehend ‘WAIT,’ ‘LATER,’ AND ‘TOMORROW.’ We are still working on duration… ‘Wait’ results in uncontrollable shaking with excitement because ‘WAIT’ is near term. ‘LATER’ results in incessant reminders…incessant. ‘TOMORROW’ results in serious pouting… So there you are, everyone tells us dogs cannot understand the concept of time, but clearly they can…next on my agenda is to work on finite time…’Wait ten minutes, ‘Later this afternoon,’ …wish me luck!

The point is, even though someone may tell you something won’t work for your site or you cannot do it, if you have a firm belief that you, your traffic, your product can perform - give it a try. You often have nothing to lose by experimenting, and when you prevail there is a special satisfaction in that.

Read the full interview at: eBiztutors.com Interview with Rick Schwartz of www.erealestate.com and TRAFFIC

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