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Worldwide Internet Usage Report

internet activity demographis global worldwide ipligence

Ipligence.com has published a study which shows the current distribution of all Internet activity worldwide. The Internet World Map 2007 report reveals a staggering divide between users in North America, Europe and the rest of the world.

North America alone accounts for an overwhelming 56% of all Internet resources. Europe is second on the list with 21%, which represents over 3/4 of the existing Internet activity when combining these two geographical areas.

Meanwhile Asia, which includes China and India, is the third largest block of activity with 14% of the share.

The report also reveals the huge gap between industrialized countries whereby over 50% of the population are Internet users as opposed to only 8.5% within the developing countries.

The study also sheds light into the minuscule use in large regions in Africa and Asia which are still highly Internet underdeveloped compared with their massive population concentrations having only an estimated 4% and 10% of Internet penetration compared to the 70% penetration in United States.

Source: Ipligence.com 04/26/07.

Related Post: “Japanese #1 Language in Blogosphere,” EBT Blog 04/17/07.

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